– I call this alternate reality Bullshit Mountain

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En debatt mellan Fox News-profilen Bill O'Reilly och komikern Jon Stewart från 2012. Ett stycke i denna debatt, Stewarts inledningsanförande, tycker jag är fullständigt briljant. Jag har tagit mig friheten att transkribera anförandet (med tillhörande stavfel, engelska ni vet) bara för att jag fullkomligen älskar den.


My friend Bill O'Reilly is completely full of shit.

What is wrong with this country is not that we face problems that we have not faced before it's because we face a deficiency in our problem solving mechanism. And the reason we face a difficulty in our problem solving mechanism is that a good portion of this country has created a alternate universe in which the issues that we face revolve around a woman from Georgetown who wanted birth control, which is a health issue for women, covered on her health insurance in the same way that Viagra is covered.

I call this alternate reality, I call this place, where these folks live "Bullshit Mountain".

The citizens of Bullshit Mountain believe many things. They believe that a Kenyan Muslim president has fundamentally changed the relationship between government and the people of this country. On Bullshit Mountain they believe that if they built it – it was because of their success. But if life hasn't worked out for them it is the government on their back.

Oh, Bullshit Mountain is a dangerous place. Not to mention the winters on Bullshit Mountain. Oh, the winters on Bullshit Mountain are long and cold, and Christmas is under threat on Bullshit Mountain. Because somewhere, somehow a parade in Tulsa has changed it name from Christmas to holiday.

I have come here tonight to plead to the mayor of Bullshit Mountain – talk to your people. Now!


Se hela debatten. Den är visserligen en och en halv timme lång, men det är värt det.

Alla bilder är skärmdumpar från debatten mellan Bill O'Reilly och Jon Stewart.

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